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LED Lighting


The new technologies in LED lighting now makes it possible to use its many advantages in numerous commercial and private application areas.

High quality LED lamps provide for very smooth and directed lighting without the use of reflectors. Colors are well rendered thanks to a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and color temperaures can be chosen depending on the characteristics of the application and the taste and preferences of each user. All this provides for a higher quality, more flexible and more pleasant lighting solution compared to today's incandescent, halogen or flourescent types of lamps.

LED lamps consume much less energy than conventional lamps and are also more economical than the so called "low-energy lamps" that are, in fact, flourescent lamps. Through their low energy consumption LED lamps are the environmental choice and the clean alternative to the common "low-energy lamp". "Low-energy lamps" contain the environmental poison mercury. Mercury has been found to be the cause of a range of ill-effects to human health and the environmentand is forbidden for most applications. LED lamps will now permit  its elimination also for lighting.

Thanks to their low energy consumption LED lamps run cool. Fire hazards are reduced as are the risk of getting burned by hot lamps. Applications as a bed lamp, or wherever they risk to be touched, are particularly well sited to LED lamps.

And then LED lamps do not emit UV light.

The lifetime of LED lamps is considerably longer than lamps of other technologies expected life-times of 30 000 hours or more are reachable. The impact is not only economical by avoiding the cost of frequent replacements, but also environmental and cost-saving. For commercial lighting the cost of replacement of bulbs and tubes carries a significant economic price tag. But there is also the safety benefit. Many accidents occur while replacing light bulbs or tubes both in private homes and in the professional environment. A reduced replacement rate automatically reduces the number of related accidents.



Being of a rather young technology LED lamps are today more expensive than traditional lamps, but they are often still the economical choice already now.

We consider here only the higher quality lamps that provide in reality the advantages mentioned above and not the cheaper executions that provide poor light intensity, color stability and life. Admittedly the distinction is not always easy to make to the user, since data often are incomplete or confusing.

But before looking at the direct economy of use of LED lamps let us again appreciate the quality of light and the general environmental and safety aspects of LED lamps:

  • The directional and uniform light
  • The possibility of choice of color temperature
  • The safety that comes with cool lamp temperature and rare replacements
  • The environmental benefits of low energy consumption, rare replacements and no mercury

Then there are the real numbers of cost of use.

For an application where the lamp operates just a few hundred hours per year there is no direct saving to be had at today's costs of high-quality LED lamps. Here only the qualitative aspects count in favor of LED lamps.

At the other extreme we find the continuous lamp operation in airconditioned professional environments where payback times already today are as short as 3-6 months.

And sometimes payback is achieved immediately upon a first lamp replacement just due to the high cost of labor for lamp replacement.

An individual analysis can be made considering the following parameters:

  • Operating time
  • Energy cost
  • Air-conditioned or heated environment
  • Labor cost of lamp replacement


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